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Our Beer at Landmade



Pale Ale

Ziggy is a soft, aromatic, and approachable unfiltered Pale Ale brewed with two German hop varietals - Halltertau Mittelfruh and Halltertau Blanc.


Czech Pale Lager

Julie is a traditional Czech Pale Lager brewed with German pilsner malt and the traditional Czech noble hop, Saaz, and carbonated naturally.


Czech Dark Lager

Ewing is the brother beer to Julie, another traditional Czech (dark) lager brewed with small amounts of German roasted malt, hopped with Czech Saaz, and carbonated naturally.


Italian Pils

Lillie is an Italian Pilsner bittered with Hallertau Mittelfruh and dry-hopped with Saphir and force carbonated. This lager is zippier than Julie or Ewing, with a more complex and thought-provoking palate.



Katie is our traditional Kolsch-style ale brewed with Riverbend Cumberland Pils and Appalachian Wheat malts, hopped with Spalter Select, and fermented with our favorite Kolsch yeast from our friends at Jasper Yeast. Katie is our yearly Spring turning to Summer release. This is a beer meant to be enjoyed in traditional stanges at long beer garden tables. Clean, crisp, crushable.


Zwickel-style Kölsch

Misha is a Zwickel-style Kölsch brewed with Rabbit Hill Pilsner and Bear Branch Munich malts, hopped exclusively with Comet, and fermented with our favorite Kölsch yeast from our friends at Jasper Yeast. Misha combines everything we love about Zwickel-style lagers, crisp Kölsch ales, and hoppy pale ales. This one is bright, fruity, and fun - a real summer crusher.


Maryland Pale Ale

Marley is a beer made with 100% Maryland grown ingredients. Brewed with Maryland-grown Pilsner Malt, Wheat, & Vienna Malts and hopped exclusively with Chinook & Mackinac from Frederick, MD.


Pale Ale

Cooper is a Pale Ale mashed with regionally grown 2-Row barley, Wheat, and Oat malts; boiled, whirlpooled, and dry hopped with German grown Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon. This Pale Ale is bright and bursting with flavors and aromas of orange, citrus, and melon; and complimented by our patented soft, pillowy mouthfeel.


New Zealand Pilsner

Landwa was brewed in collaboration with our friends at Cushwa Brewing located in Williamsport, MD. Brewed with 100% floor-malted Farmhouse Pils Malt from Rabbit Hill (NJ). Mashed using our pseudo-decoction process for a depth of malt character, hopped throughout the boil for a well-structured bitterness, & finished with a light dry hop with New Zealand-grown, citrusy & spicy Riwaka hops. We’re releasing this one alongside Cushmade - a New Zealand Style Pils brewed alongside Cushwa at their Williamsport location.



Grove is a Grisette-style Farm Beer brewed with NJ-grown barley and wheat from our friends at Rabbit Hill Malt and hopped with both aged and fresh hops. Grove rested overnight in our copper coolship to pick up wild microflora before being fermented in combination with our house mixed culture and aging in oak. This unique Farm Beer is a collaboration with the very talented folks at Rocklands Winery and will be the first of quite a few releases from this brew day. Grove is a hop-forward Farm Beer that is bursting with flavor. It portrays as light-bodied and subtle while still being a full and complex beer. Drink fresh or age indefinitely.


Farm Beer with Koji-cultured Wheat

Path is our Farm Pale Ale mashed with locally grown and malted barley and wheat from our friends at Bear Branch Malt. This release of Path was fermented with our house mixed culture, aged in oak for 14 months with Koji cultured wheat, and naturally conditioned in bottles for a good spritz. We consider this a very unique and special beer that tastes great now and will gracefully age indefinitely.


Farm Beer

This blend consists of mixed culture farm beers ranging from 14-16 months in age and young turbid mashed spontaneous beer. These special blends are a representation of time, place, and patience with each blend showcasing new, subtle changes that occur during extended aging. Summer ‘23 is light, spritzy, and full of flavors of overripe pineapple, natural white wine, and mineral waters.


Farm Beer w/ Estate-grown Peaches

Wander is an oak-aged Farm Beer brewed with 100% Maryland-grown barley & raw wheat, fermented with our house mixed culture, and conditioned on over 1,000 pounds of estate-grown yellow & white peaches. Wander is bright, spritzy, and tart with a huge peach aroma and flavor. Perfect for the end of summer and beyond.


Farm Beer w/ Estate-grown lemongrass and coriander

Meadow is a blend of farm beers with 100% Maryland ingredients. Meadow is fermented with our house culture and aged in oak barrels for 20 months with estate-grown lemongrass & coriander. It is a great citrusy spritzer with a bright lemon on the nose and dry refreshing finish. To us this farm beer hits like a funky version of a classic shandy.



Pale Ale

Dewey is, similarly to Ziggy, a soft and aromatic Pale Ale but was brewed with traditional American Northwest hop varietals - Simcoe and Centennial.



Grodziskie (Smokebeer)

Trixie is a Grodziskie (Grodge - itz - key), which is a Polish smoked lager sometimes referred to as the “Champagne of Poland.” Brewed with 100% pecan-smoked Wheat with high-carbonation and an assertive yet balanced flash of bitterness derived from the Czech hop varietal Kazbek.



Foeder Fermented Pub Ale

Brewed with English-style malts from Murphy & Rude in Virginia, Marshall is fermented with our house ale yeast in one of our oak foeders. Toast, apricot jam, and light caramel.



Bugsy is our traditional German Festbier. Comprised of German grown barley and a touch of specialty malt, Bugsy is brewed using our pseudo-decoction mashing method to enhance its deep malt character. Festbier celebrates a yearly German drinking tradition that we hold near and dear, and Bugsy is our way of bringing the Oktoberfest culture to the farm. Prost!



Foeder Fermented Czech Pale Lager

The sister beer to Julie. It's a 4% Czech Pale Lager that was fermented and lagered in one of our oak foeders. We get notes of fresh herbs, bread dough, and a hint of cream soda. The oak it lived in imparts those vanilla, marshmallow, and cream-soda flavors.


Foeder Fermented Italian Pilsner

Betsy, our foeder fermented Italian-style Pilsner is the “sister” beer to Lillie, our flagship pils. Betsy is brewed with our well water, Chesapeake-grown barley, and lightly dry hopped with noble German hops. She was both fermented and lagered in our American oak foeder to enhance depth and softness.


Foeder Helles

Lewes is a foeder-fermented Helles lager brewed with the finest European barley and noble hops. Mashed with our pseudo-decoction method for extra complexity, hopped just enough, and fermented cold and slow in our large wooden foeder. Helles is a simple style meant for large mugs and long, communal tables. These beers are meant to be the backdrop of a convivial experience. Lewes is a bright golden lager with the perfect balance of malt, hop, and oak.  



Hoppy Foeder Lager

Sophie is inspired by the bold flavors commonly found in American styles of beer, brewed to match our love of subtlety. This pale lager is mashed with Czech-grown barley, hopped with Simcoe, and fermented in our oak foeder. Sophie is bright, aromatic, and full-flavored with a nice crisp finish. 



12º Czech Pale Lager

First was brewed in celebration of our first anniversary. Brewed using Maryland’s own Bear Branch Pilsner Malt and Czech-grown Kazbek hops, this pale lager is subtly layered with notes of honey, cracker, and herbal citrus. We couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate one year of Landmade than to brew this special lager that encompasses everything we’ve loved about beer this year. First is not only a celebration of us, but a window into the future of furthering our goal to support the local community of growers, makers, and beer lovers.


FALL '22

Oak Aged Farm Beer

Fall ’22 is our first of many upcoming seasonal releases. A pure and simple farm beer brewed with 100% Maryland grown Pilsner Malt and Raw Wheat, Maryland Hops, our well water, and our house mixed culture. For these seasonal blends we are pulling from a large stock of barrels we filled a couple months prior to opening our doors.



Honey Farm Beer w/ Second Use Peaches and Lime Basil

Bloom is terroir-driven oak aged Farm Beer brewed with Maryland Wildflower honey, garden-grown lime basil, and second-use estate peaches. This is the first release in a series of Farm Beers with local honey and a rotating variety of herbs and fruits grown on our farm. Bloom is heavily focused on seasonality and sustainability by sourcing only in-season ingredients from our farm and the re-use of fruits from other Farm Beers. Bloom is a bright and nuanced beer where our mixed culture shines alongside the herbal citrus and stone fruit flavors of lime basil and peaches.



Oak Aged Farm Beer

Winter '22 is a seasonal blend of oak-aged Farm Beer and young, traditional turbid mashed spontaneous beer. This is the first release consisting of spontaneous beer from last winter’s brewing season. This addition is an exciting step in our goal of creating a true sense of time, place, and patience. An extremely complex and lively beer that will continue to develop indefinitely. Drink now or cellar for years to come.


Pet-Nat Gold Rush Cider

Seconds marks the beginning of a new chapter at Landmade. Made from Gold Rush apples harvested at 78 Acre Farm, this wild fermented cider is the first of many future fruit fermentations for us. The apples were harvested in the Fall of 2021, crushed and pressed, and fermented with only the wild yeast residing on the fruit. For this first release in our "Seconds" program, we pulled off a portion of the cider before fermentation was complete and allowed it to finish inside the bottle, Pet-Nat style. This cider is dry, tart, and lively with lots of beautiful fresh orchard fruit notes.


Farm Beer blended w/ Wild Cider and conditioned on Farm-Foraged Chamomile, Yarrow, Goldenrod, and Elderberry

Flourish is the next progression of our Farm Beers, taking barrel-aged mixed culture Farm Beer and blending it with barrel-aged Wild Cider to create something greater than its singular components. In the Spring & Summer of 2022, we took to the gardens, fields, and forests of Landmade to pick herbs and botanicals for some special projects. Post-foraging we conditioned the beer/cider blend on a mixture of botanicals for a short time until all of the components melded perfectly. We find this to be a unique beverage with flavors that blur the lines of beer, cider, and cocktail. Flourish was bottle conditioned until spritzy, and cellared until the appropriate time.



Pale Ale

Molly is a Pale Ale mashed with malted barley, wheat, and oats, hopped and dry hopped with Slovenian-grown Styrian Dragon and Styrian Wolf. Soft, pillowy, and opaque with incredible drinkability, Molly is packed with the flavors and aromatics you know and love. This is a beer for the fun, vibrant, carefree times of warmer weather.



Oak Aged Farm Beer

Spring ‘23 is a Seasonal Farm Beer blend of beers brewed with 100% Maryland-grown ingredients. This blend includes Farm Beer fermented with our house-mixed culture and coolshipped spontaneous beer. Our seasonal blends are a portrayal of time, place, and patience with each beer having aged in oak for more than 12 months prior to blending. The results are always unique to the specific blend and a continuously evolving beer. Spring ‘23 is a complex, tart, and effervescent Farm Beer; perfect for the Springtime weather. Drink fresh or age indefinitely.



Rosie is our traditional German-style Rauchbier brewed with German specialty malts and a large portion of beechwood-smoked barley malt. Mashed using our pseudo-decoction method for extra complexity, hopped with only traditional noble hops, and fermented cold and slow. We have long held the original smoked lagers of Germany in the highest regard and we took every measure possible to pay homage to these beers in the truest fashion. Rosie is amber in color and full of comforting aromas of toasted bread and campfire; a perfect beer to celebrate the arrival of winter.



Mexican Amber Lager

Our spin on the Mexican-style Amber Lager mashed with regionally-grown and malted Vienna barley and Bloody Butcher Corn, hopped for balance with German Tettnanger, and fermented with a complimentary lager yeast from our friends at Jasper Yeast. Diego is the brother beer to Carla, a Light Mexican-style Lager brewed by our friends at Ocelot Brewing, as a dual release for Cinco de Mayo.

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